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Steps To Digitally Enable Your ESG Reporting


Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in sustainability reporting, allowing businesses to communicate their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance more effectively. Here are some steps and examples of digitally-enabled ESG reporting:


1. Identify the most relevant ESG indicators for your business: Ensure you identify the most relevant ESG indicators for your business and stakeholders, as this will guide your reporting strategy.

2. Choose a digital platform: Select a digital platform that enables you to report ESG data in a structured and standardised format. This ensures that the data is easily accessible and comparable.

3. Automate data collection: Digitally integrates your ESG data collection processes with your business operations to minimise manual data entry and errors. This will make it easier to collect accurate and consistent ESG data quickly.

4. Verify data quality and accuracy: Ensure that the ESG data collected is of high quality and accurate. You can accomplish this by using a third-party ESG data provider or by hiring internal or external auditors.

5. Publish ESG report: Publish your ESG report on your website or other digital platform, enabling your audiences to access it easily. Make the report interactive and visual and use storytelling techniques to make it more compelling.

Examples: 1. MSCI ESG Reporting: MSCI ESG Reporting is a digital platform that provides sustainability reporting solutions to businesses. It helps businesses to measure, monitor, and report their ESG performance more efficiently. 2. Microsoft Corporate Responsibility Report: Microsoft uses a digital platform to publish its Corporate Responsibility Report. The digital platform enables users to access the report easily, provides interactive data visualization, and features an integrated online sustainability report. 3. Nestlé in Society: Nestlé uses a digital platform to publish its annual 'Nestlé in Society' report. The report provides enhanced digital experiences, interactive data visualization, and multimedia content. The report is also available as a mobile app. 4. Nike Sustainability Report: Nike uses digital technology to communicate its sustainability initiatives, including an interactive ESG report. The report uses multimedia, including videos and infographics, to make the report more engaging. 5. Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB): SASB provides industry-specific ESG reporting standards that businesses can use to report their ESG performance in a standardized format. Using the SASB standards can make ESG reporting more efficient and help businesses to benchmark their ESG performance.

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