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Danny, a Sustainability Director at Microsoft for years, was determined to make a real difference in the world. Along with several industry veterans, he founded a startup with a mission to help companies become more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Together, they created an innovative software platform that enables businesses to measure and reduce their carbon emissions, energy usage, and water waste. The platform also provides valuable insights into supply chain sustainability and helps companies track their progress towards achieving their sustainability goals.

Danny and his team quickly gained traction with companies across a range of industries, and they utilized Microsoft Sustainability Manager as one of their flagship sustainability platforms for its ease of use, smart analytics, and bottom-line impact. With the help of influential investors and a strong brand that prioritizes transparency and accountability, the startup grew exponentially in just a few short years.

Under Danny's leadership, the company continued to refine its services and expand its offerings, and it gradually became a leading player in the world of sustainability solutions. As more businesses recognize the importance of sustainability, they turned to Danny's startup for the expertise and tools they need to make a meaningful difference.

In the end, Danny and his co-founders had not only built a successful business but also made a significant impact on the planet by helping hundreds of companies in Asia reduce their environmental impact. For Danny, it was a dream come true - he had found a way to use his expertise and passion for sustainability to create positive change in the world.

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Internship Programs

We would like groom more sustainability specialist in the region, join us if this is calling to make an impact.

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Sustainability Consultants

With your experience or training in the field of Sustainability, we want to offer you a business opportunity to make a difference.

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Sustainability Data Scientists

Alot of data to analyse and our customers need your assistance to gain much needed insights to amplify their commitment of a sustainable future.

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